10.5″ Car Tablet Case Holder (R2171)

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These days, families rely on entertainment options in their vehicles to keep children docile and amenable toward any sort of trip. That makes a tablet holder an important device for watching movies, playing video games, and more for parents just needing to go on a grocery run. If you need to keep your children entertained while you focus on the road, the best tablet holders for cars can help by securely holding an iPad or other type of tablet in the back seat.

【Watch movies on the drive】

Drivers who need to entertain backseat passengers will love this Universal Car Headrest Mount. Compatible with both smartphones and tablets up to 10.5 inches, this tablet holder uses a silicone holding net to secure your devices to a car headrest. You can adjust the angle of the screen for comfort, and the stretchy net won’t scratch or damage your phone or tablet. It’s also case-compatible, which means you’re able to easily use this mounting gadget with a case that’s already on your tablet.

【Easy Installation】

Adjustable strap allows for easy, quick and secure mounting to car headrests.

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