30W Dual Port Fast Charger PD + QC3.0 (QP303)

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30W Dual Port Fast Charger PD + QC3.0 (QP303)

Distributed by D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

From your phone and tablet to wireless headphones and laptop, all gadgets have their own rechargeable batteries. Many people own far too many devices to be carrying around a separate cable and charger for each one. All the space that your gadgets already take up, you don’t need even more space taken up by power bricks and cables. Thankfully, you don’t need a separate wall charger our outlet or cable for each device. That’s because the vast majority of modern devices — including newer laptops — can be charged with a one-size-fits-all USB-C charging technology: USB-C power delivery or USB-C PD.

This Mini PD Charger (QP303) is the best dual-port charger for charging your phone at the maximum speed no matter what cable you use. It provides both a 12-watt USB-A port and an 18-watt USB-C port, so you can charge your phone two to three times faster than with the charger that came in the box with your phone. And with two ports, the QP303 offers good charging speeds for two devices at the same time; most other models this small and inexpensive can’t support fast charging on both ports at once. This power adapter is also small and light, making it ideal for carrying in a bag.

Although a USB-C port is smaller and faster than a USB-A connection and works with more kinds of devices, the USB-C standard is not yet ubiquitous. The QP303 cleverly combines the benefits of USB-C with the convenience of USB-A, which means you can charge most phones released since 2017 or so at full speed using a USB-C cable (or for iPhones, a USB-C–to–Lightning cable) while also powering a second device on the USB-A port at a respectable rate using an older cable you already have.

The QP303 is the smallest dual-port USB-A and USB-C charger we’ve tested, and in our tests it performed exactly as promised. You can expect an iPhone 13 to charge to about 36% in a half hour on the USB-A port and closer to 50% on the USB-C port.


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