Multi-Card Reader (SD/TF/MS/M2) (NG6056)

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Distributed by D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

Memory card readers are making a comeback, with laptops and phones getting slimmer and sleeker by the day. When your laptop or computer doesn’t have an embedded card reader, you’d need an external, compact, portable one to offload your SD cards.

This USB 2.0 multi-card reader is a simple plug device that you can directly put into the USB port on any tablet, laptop, or desktop. The reader is compatible with MicroSDHC, MicroSD, MS and M2 cards. It’s the perfect companion for someone who deals with lots of data every day. With a fast transmission speed, you can feed, extract, play and store data on the go.

Furthermore, no software or driver installation is needed to operate this card reader. And you won’t need an additional power source as well. The reader is self-powered, which takes power directly from the USB 2.0 port. It can safely transfer and manage large and high-definition files.

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