Multi Function Portable Emergency UPS LED Powerbank (SR530)

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Product Features:
1. High capacity lithium battery, large energy Storage, Long life lasting and safety protection.
2. USB-5V transition circuit, 3*USB output port, charge for mobile phones and IPAD.
3. 3*DC 12V/5A input port, charge for 12V spotlight and car inflatable pump.
4. 500w pure sine wave 220V Input, providing power energy to fishing in the field, hunting, camping, video and entertainment, computer office, medical equipment, relief and rescue, etc.
5. Extra accessory long lasting and high brightness LED flashlight.
6. Powerful 12V startup interface output current up to 150A or more. Any vehicle displacement can work well in a long drive, cross country and emergency usage.
7. 220V AC Input, 5A fast charger , Supporting car charging function.
8. High strength engineering plastic shell, Insulation and corrosion resistance feature.
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