PadBot P2 with 4G LTE

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PadBot P series is a professional reception robot which includes a 10″ HD Screen. It is an effective business tool, and it allows you virtual presence to be heard and felt, even if you are not physically there. P2 is the upgraded version with space saving feature. Padbot P2 features one way video call, video chat, interactive self-enabled voice chat, remote wakening, facial recognition and remote control.
1. Remote control-one way video call – When someone is consulting, user can edit the information in the background and pass the information to the guest through the robot.
2. Robot display default expression which can be controlled and registered
3. Remote Control Video Chat – Can convert text into speech, manually input information or via voice. Enables users to have face to face communication anytime, anywhere.
4. Automatic wake up at 2m distance – Within 2m, P2 will wake up to greet the guest when he or she approaches.
5. Face recognition and tracking – P2 can recognize the identity of customers through the face recognition system and carry out better conversation
6. P2 can be used as a shopping guide, exhibition product introduction, store activities introduction, front desk reception, lobby customer reception, business process introduction, hospital patient escort, business teleconferencing and booking advance visit.
7. Auto charging – when battery is low it will find the designated charger by itself
8. Collision-avoidance – Automatic obstacle detection during walking
9. Head motion – Supports the head up and down 30 degrees of movement
10. Folding design – Easy to pack and carry
11. Usage – 60 hours standby, 6 hours charge time, 10 hours continuous usage, 5,000mah battery, weighing at 7KG
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