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First off, we introduce under our Security category a Smart Fingerprint Personal Lock.

This fingerprint lock features an Advanced Fingerprint Sensor with a 0.2 sec unlock time along with an unbreakable design. P22 provides fast and secure unlocking experience. With IP65 rated waterproof, 360° fingerprint recognition, ultra-long standby time and storage for 40 fingerprints, you need only one finger to keep your belongings safe.

Say goodbye to your old bulky lock and step into the future. P22 is so small that you can easily keep it in your pocket until you’re ready to keep your stuff protected. P22 is superior to the simple match-and-unlock mechanism on ordinary locks, as access is only allowed through your unique fingerprint. Great for indoor or outdoor use, and P22 is widely used for luggage, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, gym lockers, furniture, wardrobes, bike and anything else that you need secured.

P22, unlike many other intelligent locks on the market, can prevent copycat fingerprints from thieves. This A.I. fingerprint identification solution reads prints in high resolution (508 dpi) and from 360 degrees. P22 knows the difference between a live fingerprint and a picture of a fingerprint and will reject anything that isn’t 100% authentic. P22 relies on independent A.I. technology to keep user biometric data safe and secure.

With 100% construction made of aviation grade aluminum alloy, P22 is ready to handle daily bumps and bruises and can stand up to any tampering by force. P22’s design is super resistant to prying, slamming, cutting, or anything else that could break weaker locks. P22 uses an integrated stamping method to create an aluminum alloy, making it ultra-strong and capable of standing up to potential breaking attempts.

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