Smart Eye Fatigue Sensor Alarm New! (F1)

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First off, we introduce under our Vehicle Accessories category an Eye Fatigue Sensor Alarm F1
A traffic accident survey shows that, among all different types of accidents, rear-end collision accounted for 49% and lane deviation accounted for 27%. Aside from daily traffic, bus drivers, truck drivers and other jobs that require long-distance day and night driving, is the main cause of fatigue. Fatigue of these drivers are likely to cause serious casualties or dangerous cargo leak.

With the eye fatigue sensor alarm, accidents can be minimized as much as 80%. This device is built of two algorithm layers. At its core sensor it utilizes computer vision algorithms to track visual attributes through ‘pupil scan detection’ in real time and report this as raw data. The proprietary logic layer translates the raw data into physiological conclusions of the drivers state such as fatigue driving or distraction driving. Based on a combination of image sensors and high speed digital signal processor the device detects the earliest stages of drowsiness before drivers are even aware of their own fatigue, enabling life-saving mechanisms to intelligently react in real-time.

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