Mosquito Killer Lamp New (L85)

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First off, we introduce under our Health category a Mosquito Killer Lamp

Can’t bear the mosquito bites that plague your rooms at night? How do you protect yourself against this dangerous and irritating pest? Spraying of insecticide is harmful to you and your family. Burning insect repellant is not only smelly but more toxic than cigarette smoking! Applying mosquito repellent on the body or clothing is another option but could irritate the skin and is very expensive and inconvenient.
This Mosquito Killer Lamp is specially designed to produce accurate wavelength that attracts mosquitoes. This can be seen by the special purple colour of the lamp. It is the lamp specially designed and most effective lamp in the market for attracting mosquitoes. Secondly, the lamp cover is uniquely designed. It is designed to spread, instead of obstructing, the wavelength. Finally, the lamp provides delicate but not disturbing lighting when you sleep and so can be placed anywhere in the house, including the bedroom. With a built in powerful fan, the insects are sucked into the collection tray, trapping them. The unique funnel design prevents insects from escaping, and increases the killing rate. The base can be removed, allowing the contents to be emptied into the trash. The lamp comes with a built in battery and it can charged via a USB cable.