USB Powered Mini Mirror Fan New (L89)

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First off, we introduce under our Travel and Home category a USB Powered Mini Mirror Fan.

Keeping cool throughout the summer months can be a daunting task. Many people will turn to air conditioners as a means of keeping cool when it gets too hot. At home, this can cause a bit of a problem for your electrical bills, and the installation of window units or the maintenance of a central unit can be a pain in the neck. On a hot day outdoors, and especially for ladies who need a portable fan on the go investing in a portable fan which can also be used as a mirror with LED light would be great gift!
Introducing the USB Powered Mini Mirror Fan L89, a portable and versatile fan which has a mirror for ladies and can be kept neatly in your hand bag. It comes with 3 fan shift modes which can cool you down even on a hot day, and an LED light for self reflection. Its quiet blades spin quickly and refreshingly, without generating any distracting buzzing noises. Enjoy your day with this cool fan!