20W Wireless Dual Mode PC Soundbar (BS-36)

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First off, we introduce under our Bluetooth and Audio category a 20W Dual Mode Wireless PC Soundbar.

This sound bar offers high-quality audio with its four 5W speakers of 2.5” size with 360-degree surround. Two speakers cover the entire audio range spectrum, whereas the other two speakers are dedicated to rendering mid and low frequencies to produce the best bass effect. It comes integrated with high-end digital audio processing technology to improve the sound effect. You can set the unit in different modes using various knobs on the same as you would do with a remote controller.

It can be paired with other devices that are at located at a maximum distance of 33 feet using the wireless Bluetooth option. The wired connectivity options include using built-in optical, RCA and in-unit 3.5mm inputs with their corresponding connectors. The 40” black sound bar comes in a special attractive design that matches your TV and the room in which you are placing it. The unit comes with a remote controller for adjusting the sound effects, bass and volume, an optical cable, a power cable and a 3.55mm to RCA cable backed up with a one-year warranty.