2G (GSM/GPRS) waterproof GPS asset tracker (ES621)

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First off, we introduce under our Vehicle Accessories category a 2G (GSM/GPRS) waterproof GPS asset tracker.
ES621 is a 2G (GSM/GPRS) waterproof GPS asset tracker. Carefully designed for long battery life, it can last 5 years (one report per day) with 10200mAh battery. Embedded with magnets, it can easily attach to vehicle, trailer, a container for asset tracking. It will wake up for reporting location information when it senses the moving of the asset and power down itself when it is stationary. It supports TCP/UDP and HTTP for reporting location information. ES621 will automatically switch to cell-ID based location reporting whenever GPS is not available.
Main Functions
 Tracking: It sends GPS (Location, speed) information to your application server with configurable report
interval (moving or stationary).
 Geofence: It supports circle and polygon setting.
 Storing Message: The device stores up to 1000 messages if out of coverage and send the stored
messages once the device regains coverage.
 Moving Wakeup: Device will automatically wake up when it senses the moving of the asset and power down
itself when it is stationary.
 Battery Low Warning: When the battery level is low, it will send a low-battery alarm message.
 Flexible Battery Selection: Two kinds of choices: 7800mAh or 10200mAh.
 Drop Alarm: Using the embedded light sensor to detect the drop/detach from the tracking object.
 Cell-ID Based Location: Device reports cell-ID based location information where GPS is not positioned.
 OTA (Over the Air): The device’s configuration, setting, and firmware can be remotely upgraded.
 Waterproof Case: IP65 waterproof.
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