IPX5 Bluetooth Neckband TPE Headphones (JR-D7)

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IPX5 Bluetooth Neckband TPE Headphones (JR-D7)

Joyroom distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

Why choose neckband headphones?

Many people prefer neckband headphones over regular wireless earbuds and in-ear headphones for their added ease-of-use. Instead of rummaging through your bag or pockets to find your earbuds, they’re conveniently hanging around your neck, which ensures they’re easy to access when you need them. Neckband headphones also tend to have additional features that more compact earbuds simply can’t provide, like active noise cancelling (ANC), improved microphone performance, and better battery life.


The best neckband earphones in the budget category that we’ve tested so far is the JR-D7. They have a very lightweight, breathable design with a slim and flexible neckband. They’re fairly comfortable and their controls are easy-to-use. They sound decent and isolate fairly well, which makes them a reasonable choice for commuters on a budget or casual users who prefer a neckband-style design.

They have impressive audio reproduction and a very well-balanced sound that lends itself well to music of a wide range of genres. They don’t leak much sound, either, so you don’t have to worry about bothering those around you with your music too much. Their battery provides just over 6 hours of continuous playback, which will help get you through your work day, and they can connect to your laptop and smartphone simultaneously.

JR-D7 battery life is estimated to be roughly 6 hours for either music playback or calls, with 40 hours standby time.


Internally, a built-in 10mm speaker deliver a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz. On tracks with intense sub-bass content, like U2’s “With or without you,” the earphones have strong low-frequency depth. At top, unwise listening levels, the bass doesn’t distort, and at more reasonable volumes, the low-frequency response is still quite palpable and decently matched with the highs.

“Two Steps Behind” by Def Leppard, a track with far less deep bass in the mix, gives us a better sense of the JR-D7 general sound signature. The drums on this track get some added bass boosting, pushing them into near-thunderous territory, but stopping just shy of it. Callahan’s baritone vocals get a nice, rich low-mid presence, matched with solid definition in the high-mids. The acoustic guitar strums and the higher-register percussive hits are bright and crisp, and even the tape hiss takes a slight step forward in the mix. In other words, this is a sculpted, boosted, but balanced sound signature.

On Chris Media’s “What are words,” the kick drum loop receives plenty of high-mid presence, allowing its attack to maintain its punchy edge, while the vinyl crackle and hiss that are typically in the background get pushed forward. The sub-bass synth hits that punctuate the beat are delivered with serious depth—we’ve certainly heard deeper bass boosting on this track, but JR-D7 definitely doesn’t shy away from the lows. Luckily, the deep lows are balanced with crisp high-mids and highs. The vocal performances are delivered with excellent clarity, but perhaps a bit of added sibilant.

Bendable Convenient Storage

TPE design with comfortable touch feeling, with over 100,000 times bending tests. This allows the headphone to be bend in a curve fashion for easy storage. No deformation after long periods of bending.

Long Battery Life

A 105mah large capacity battery allows up to 40 hours of standby time.

Magnet clip design

The earphone case comes with a built-in magnet thereby allowing both earphones to connect together for easy storage.

HD sound quality

A 10mm coil driver with a composite diaphragm material makes sound reproduction very good, together with Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures fast transmission with “0” delay. An intelligent noise filtering technology allows for high precision calls.

IPX5 waterproof

Rain or sweat, the waterproof feature allows you to work out without worrying.


45 degrees oblique in-ear design fit the contour of your ear canal, very light and stable.

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